• Spread the idea of volunteerism among Lebanese youth
  • Provide the idea of social cohesion, union And dialogue among them
  • Enhance their soft skills to be able to participate in the decision making process of issues that affect them
  • Activate And develop voluntary work in NGOs, universities, schools And municipalities
  • Involve communities in local work


Allocated Funds



Service Hours

Brief on achievements

To date, NVSP has benefited more than 5,000 youths in approximately 100 different NGOs and municipalities. In addition, NVSP has developed important public goods for Lebanon and the MENA region, including an online portal and a soft skills training curriculum tailored specifically for the Lebanese context.

NVSP has helped to reinforce the capacity Of the Ministry Of Social Affairs (MoSA) in terms Of overall project management, and has served as the basis to institutionalize processes and procedures to both design and implement other programs within the ministry.

Brief on upcoming projects

NVSP is in the middle of implementing a robust impact evaluation, which will inform its scale up as well as the design of other related youth programs in the country.

Due to the NVSP results to date and its potential, an additional half a million dollars beyond the original SPF funding has already been secured from the MENA Multi-Donor Trust Fund as well as the World Bank's LLI (leadership, learning and innovation) to prepare NVSP for its scale up.

The second call for proposals, launched On May the 18th, 2016 will give the chance to approximately 13 schools and universities to get funding for their proposed volunteering projects, hence benefiting more than 700 additional youths.