The State and Peacebuilding Fund (SPF) is the “first-response” instrument for Bank engagement in Fragile, Conflict-affected, and Violent (FCV) settings to complement and supplement World Bank’s conventional financing. In that respect, the added-value of the SPF comes from its flexibility in terms of geographic areas, implementation models, and thematic coverage, as much as its capacity to take risks. By supporting innovations and pilots, engagement on sensitive matters, and start-up funding, SPF projects are prime vehicles to demonstrate proofs of concept, leverage additional resources for FCV, and lay the groundwork for conflict-sensitive World Bank’s operations.

Approximate 130 grants and transfers have been approved in 35 countries for a total of US$271 million, from gender-based violence in Cote d’Ivoire and supporting peace process in Colombia to forced displacement in eastern Sudan and legal assistance to refugees in Jordan. The SPF is also a knowledge platform supporting global analysis and learning on FCV. Please visit: