You are ready, you are motivated, and you want to take your future in your own hands now: This is the space to do just that! And it’s FREE!
This webpage provides you with an eLearning tool – a training – which you can use both online and offline. This training is self-paced: It is your choice and you can choose to tale it whenever it suits your schedule best – remember that regularity is key to success! You just have to click on the links below to start the training and enhance your skills.
Join and meet Ziad, Nassim, Marwa, Antonio, and Angela, and follow their adventures start your e-Learning journey!

  • Meet the team! Learn about yourself, and how you can foster inclusiveness in your community: "".
  • Explore and identify your personal goals and learn how to present yourself at your best, to others and to employers: "".
  • Get ready for business. Develop your creativity, and practice effective communication and collaboration: "".
  • Think like an entrepreneur, and get hands-on designing and improving your own business plan: "".
With this training, you’ll get the opportunity to reflect upon yourself, your wishes and your goals. You will pro-actively learn, and work with, effective tools and techniques to help develop your creativity and your entrepreneurial side.
This eLearning training is actually a Comic Book and it has been explicitly created for you and other Youth in Lebanon. Please join and meet , and follow their adventures as they, just like you, wonder about their next steps in life and try to figure out how they can best prepare themselves to face these challenges. Of course, while building their individual path towards a fulfilling life, they also want to be supportive and contribute to their and others’ communities in a meaningful way.
You are the main actor and the manager of your own training! It’s very hands-on and you will be active throughout the themes, brainstorming, drawing, listening, answering questions, or gaming…. The training is organized in four main themes; you can go through them at your own pace. It is best to go through the themes in the order the first time; you can always come back and review the content of the previous themes later.

Enjoy your training! We hope you’ll find it helpful!

The NVSP Team