Numbers of Volunteers registered on the portal: 4,243

The NVSP has a user-friendly and very interactive online portal that enables all youth interested in volunteerism to register and find volunteering opportunities as well as to interact with other volunteers to share and exchange experiences and strengthen their interconnectedness and social cohesion.

Numbers of posted opportunities on the portal: 41

After launching the first batch of the Small Grants Program (SGP), 41 non-profit organizations submitted volunteering project proposals, out of which 22 were selected and granted 30,000 USD each, based on a rigorous and transparent selection process.

Numbers of participating volunteers in the NVSP: 2,210 (917 from weekend activities + 1293 from SGP)

In 1 year, the NVSP was able to successfully outreach and recruit 2,210 Lebanese volunteers between the age of 15 and 24 years, divided into 917 and 1,293 between weekend activities and 1st batch of the SGP, respectively.

Numbers of organizations registered on the portal: 81

After the 1st Call for Proposals of the Small Grants Program, 81 organizations have registered on the NVSP portal among those outreached by the NVSP. Registration allows organizations to post their volunteering projects, know the ongoing projects of other organizations, and reach out to volunteers to recruit them for implementing those projects.

Numbers of Soft Skills Training hours: 38,790 hours

The International Youth Foundation delivered a Training of Trainers on Soft Skills targeting 81 NGOs and Ministry of Social Affairs staff, who then subsequently delivered the Soft Skills training to all the youth volunteers who participated in the implementation of the 1st CfP of the SGP. Each volunteer received 30 hours of training covering different topics including communication skills, personal skills, etc.

Numbers of volunteering hours: 177,210 hours (210 hours from weekend activities + 177,000 hours from SGP)

Beyond building the capacity of NGOs and youth volunteers on soft skills to improve their interpersonal skills, NVSP also aims at involving youth in volunteering activities to benefit target communities throughout Lebanon. In total, the youth have volunteered 177,210 hours for community service, of which 177,000 hours within the 1st batch of the SGP and the rest during weekend activities.

Percentage of volunteers from outside their own communities: 43%

As NVSP aims to enhance social cohesion across all Lebanese regions, 43 % of participating volunteers have participated in the implementation of volunteering projects in communities other than their own.

Numbers of implemented projects: 34 (12 weekend activities + 22 SGP)

NVSP worked hard to expand the volunteering opportunities for targeted youth by supporting 34 projects in different Lebanese regions. 12 of those were as weekend activities while 22 under the 1st batch of the SGP.